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The Award is awarded to a player in any woman’s section of the National Interprovincial Tournament (currently called Growthpoint IPT’s) who:

  • Has not received the award before

  • Has participated in at least 5 IPT single events

  • Displays outstanding standards of sporting behaviour on and off court

  • Willingly undertakes marking duties, supports and encourages team-mates

  • Holds the spirit of the IPT event in high regard and assists in the general well-being of the tournament

  • Is nominated by either the captain’s, event organisers or SA Selectors

  • The adjudicators of this award are the SA selectors, a tournament organiser representative or a Squash SA representative at the tournament and as per 1.1.3 below. Should there be 2 persons with equal nominations/ votes the highest ranked SA official at the event, has the deciding vote.

  • If a “Clifton-Parks” family member is still involved in squash that person should be consulted on the nominations for the award.

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