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The Gary Thomson Trophy is awarded to the province which achieves the best overall results at Jarvis I Kaplan Cup, subject to the rules set out below:​

1. In order to qualify a province must be represented by 3 or more teams.

2. Points are allocated according to the final position of each team  in  its  section: first 1 point, second 2 points, third 3 points and so on.

3. A "weighted average" is then applied to each province's points as follows:

a: A province with 10 -12 teams x 1.0

b: A province with 7 - 9 teams x 1.2

c: A province with 4 - 6 teams x 1.5

d: A province with 3 teams x 1.8

4. The accumulated "weighted" points are then divided by the province's total number of teams, resulting in an average number of points per team for that province.

The province with the lowest team average is the winner of the trophy.

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