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The tournament will be played in accordance with the latest, approved Rules.

For full reference of Rules, download this document:




Teams and Team Orders

  • Teams shall consist of 5 players plus available reserves, in their correct order of strength.

  • A Province with two teams in one section can play in order of strength or split strength.

  • Final team orders shall be as agreed to by Squash SA.

  • Team Captains must confirm the names of available players, in strength order as agreed to by Squash SA, at the Captains' Meeting. Team orders will be adhered to for the IPT.

  • A player be unable to play due to injury or for any other good reason, the players below must move up in their nominated strength order.

  • A player may not play for more than one team or section on the same day.

  • A team which includes a player, who is ill or injured before the start of a match, may be penalised by the Disputes Committee.


Order and Times of Play

  • 3, 4, 5, 2, 1

  • The order of play will be announced at the Captains' meeting for the last day. The No 1 player may not play the first or last match and the No 5 player shall not play the last match of a tie.

  • The Morning Session shall commence at 09h00 sharp followed by the Afternoon Session at 13h00

  • Finals day will start at 08h30 and the Men’s Final at 12h00



  • Team Captains must please Whatsapp the completed and signed scorecard to NSA on 081 400 5208 (Gerda) immediately after completion of a team tie.

  • The completed and signed scorecard must also be handed to the Court Steward on duty at the venue.


Scoring System

  • Matches will be the best of 5 games using the PAR scoring system to 11, with the proviso that a game must be won by 2 points.

  • Each game won is worth 1 point.

  • The team which winning the most matches will be deemed the winner of the tie and will be awarded 5 bonus points.

  • Example: A team winning a tie 3/2, 3/2, 1/3, 1/3, 3/2 earns 16 points (11 game + 5 bonus points). The losing team will earn 12 points.

  • The team which wins the most ties in a section will be deemed the winner of the section.

  • Round Robin Pools and Sections: A team winning all their matches are deemed the winner even if another team has more points.

  • If two teams win the same number of points, the winner of the head-to-head tie is declared the winner.


SA Schools Players and Players under the age of 18

  • SA Schools players selected for the Growthpoint IPT must have played in that year’s SA Schools IPT.

  • Any player still under the age of 18 on the first day of the IPT, is compelled to have a chaperone.

  • Associations must provide written motivation, parent permission and the name of the nominated chaperone.

  • The chaperone cannot participate in the IPT as a player or team member.

  • U18’s are not permitted to drink any alcoholic beverages or smoke. If the rule is ignored, the player will be immediately expelled from the IPT, and face a minimum of a one-year ban from all squash tournaments, including the IPT tournament for the following year.


Disputes Committee

  • The Disputes Committee shall consist of 5 persons who shall be selected from the captains, members or managers present at the Captains' Meeting.

  • A province may have only 1 representative on the Committee.

  • At least 2 members of the Committee shall be a woman.

  • The Tournament Referee shall be the convener of the Committee.

  • All disputes will be settled by the Disputes Committee whose decision shall be final


Mandatory Eyewear

It is mandatory for players under the age of 19 to wear protective eyewear as accredited by the World Squash Federation (

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